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Monday, May 2, 2011

Faith takes Work

Do you know that scripture in James, where it says "Faith without works is Dead being alone."?

In this last week, I have realized a lot of the truth of that statement. This week we have had the great opportunity to share the gospel in Clearlake, CA. We have been telling everyone how Jesus Christ has restored His gospel to the earth, and that he has called a prophet to lead us and guide us through these unsteady times.

Many people want to hear us. They want to feel the hope and the peace that comes from this message. But many of them also don't act on the things that we teach them. They don't come to church, they don't read the Book of Mormon, and they don't get baptized. Though in the moment that we teach they feel the peace and hope. They limit themselves from Faith, and from eternal peace that comes from living the gospel.

My Mom wrote in an e-mail to me today a quote that she had just read.
In the Spring,
At the end of the day,
You should smell like dirt.
I think I can echo the words of this person unknown to me.

In our Life,
At the end of it,
We should feel great peace.

Peace doesn't come all at once, and we can't just do deathbed repentance, and expect to get the full peace.
We have to be investing every day, and pray and act on the things which Christ tells us. As we do this, our lives will have greater joy and peace. I know this. So act on your faith!


Sister B. D. Gorder said...

Indeed and agreed! Thank you for this reminder! We have to have that faith every single day, not just every once in awhile or when we feel like it! I know we can feel that peace when we act on our faith!

Elder David Mahrt said...

I love that email from your mom. At the end of the day you should smell like dirt.

I used to work Construction if you didnt come home covered in dirt you didnt do anything at work. We had to be willing to get dirty if we wanted to see progress. We need to get our shovels out and get to work or the project will never be finished. The trench wont dig itself. The problem is no one wants to get dirty. People just want to sit there and expect things to happen. That's not faith.

Just like you said in the end we better smell like dirt.

Sister Brook Kenemore said...

thanks for the post! faith takes works, we have to show God our willingness to follow him, than come the blessing!