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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A Chance to Change

Start as a seed, brittle and small,
Worth really nothing, nothing at all.
Bring me a caterpillar, ugly as mess,
Now, try to give that thing a caress.

But give these some time, some nourishment too,
And see, just see if they surprise you.

Put that seed into some dirt,
Give it some water, down in that earth,
Shine in some sunlight, make it to grow,
Pick up the caterpillar too, oh I don't know,
Give him some leaves a twig, or a branch,
and let that poor thing a bigger chance.

A chance to grow, a chance to become,
A chance to change, and to overcome.
Overcome the expectations, overcome the fears,
And continue to change throughout all their years.

One soars as a companion to the beautiful sky,
The other the earth, it stands close by,
Both so beautiful, and graceful a testimony of God,
But they started limited, ugly, and closed off.

Both had potential though it seems strange,
They just needed a chance to change

Jesus Christ is waiting for us to reach out and accept His help. Wherever you are at in your journey of faith, I urge you to once again and accept the reaching hand of our Savior, and Grow!

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