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Friday, March 11, 2011

Earthquakes in Japan

How could God let this happen?
What good could possibly come from this?
If He's there, why didn't he stop this?

We all heard about this recent tragedy, and the disaster it was. I know a lot of people have had personal connections to this tragedy. I know some have been filled with compassion, while others with confusion, and chaos. The difference, our eternal perspectives.
In a talk given by Larry Richman, he states "The trials of this life will ultimately lead to joy if we patiently trust in God’s plan and discover how to use adversity to grow stronger." I know that is what has happened in my life as I have seen trials as a chance to grow stronger. We can (and should!) be sad for these people, and we need to do all we can to help them. But don't be weighed down by the negatives. Look for the positive in all situations.
See if we can't turn this earth shattering disaster, into a humanity uniting opportunity.

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Sister Brook Kenemore said...

thank you for that! we should do all we can to help the people in Japan! our prayers will be answered, we just need to get on our knee's and pray for it! thanks for the post Elder Hancock