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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Light of the World!

Born in the light, in a beautiful serene,
Place we call heaven, that's where I'd been.
That's what I knew until I came here,
To this cold dark place, this Earthly sphere.

It seems here that pain, sorrow dominate and,
That's something that I can't quite understand.
All the people here, they came from my home,
Yet some of them still think they're alone.

I reach out to them, I tell them Father's here.
But they ignore that, and get lost in all their fear.

The light that I have, I found in a book.
It all started when I just took a look.
I myself was lost in my sorrow
I'd forgotten my past, and couldn't see a bright tomorrow.
But, I read from its pages truth that I knew.
And when I prayed for myself, I knew what was true.

God gave me direction, He showed me the way.
And I still ask him, each and every day:

Please help me dear father,

Lead me to you.
Please give me your strength,
and show me what to do.
Help me to bring all your children to thee

And this is the way that he answers me.
He gives me my pains, my toils my trials,
But, He watches me, and waits all the while.
And while I have, His strength with me,
I go and I spread His sweet liberty.

I help my brothers with their, trials and tears,
and point them to God, who has helped me for years.
I tell them of the light the lightens my days,
I point them to the source of those rays.

Jesus Christ is the One, the Light of the World,
Prince of Peace, Son of Man, The Word.
What points you to Christ will give your life light.

So let me share something with you this night.

This is the book that means so much to me,
The one that led me to Christ and His sweet liberty.
So click on the link, order a book,
They'll mail it to you, and please take a look.

I promise that light will more enter your life.
God will be there more in your struggles and strife.
Your family will be blessed I can tell you that too.
I know it will bless all that you do.


Elder Brian Menasco said...

That was amazing! You can totally feel the spirit with that, thank you!

Sister Brittany Nestman said...

Incredible! I love it! Thanks Elder Hancock!

Sister Brook Kenemore said...

did you come up with that yourself? that was amazing! GREAT post!!