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Thursday, September 22, 2011

I just want an easier way

"I just want an easier way!"

Have you ever thought this to yourself?
I know I have, even today.  I think it is natural to want to have things go smoothly without having to worry or work to keep them going in that way.

What would happen if we just chose the easier way all the time?

 Alright, I want you to look at this river. It is the Eel River, taken from a bridge driving about 35 mph. What do you notice about it? One of the first things I noticed about this river was that it was very twisty. This is just one side of it. It zigs and zags going across sand bars, around trees and under bridges (obviously) and keeps flowing and flowing.

The River chose the easiest way. Just imagine if the river chose a direct path from its source to its destination. The river would be quicker, deeper and more powerful. But if it just chooses to wrap around like this little one did, it will waste momentum, and energy, and won't be able to fulfill its purposes quite as well.

So are things going hard for you? I submit that is good! Keep pushing. Just as the Colorado river carved a great canyon in the earth (over a mile deep in some areas), if we are diligent in being our best, no matter how hard it is, we will be able to make a great impact.

"Convenience is not in the vocabulary of a disciple of Jesus Christ."
-President Bunker-

Sunday, September 18, 2011

On the outside looking in

Isn't it funny.
Everybody thinks they are on the outside looking in. Everyone thinks they know the solutions to problems, the best path in our lives, and how to do things better than you.
Sometimes those who are sure of their height, sure that they are looking at you from lofty heights, and seeing your 'limits' will even tell you to do things certain ways. Or gain their perspective since it is SO much better.

1 Corinthians 3:19 "For the wisdom of this world is foolishness with God."

Sometimes the world seems so wise. As they stand on their high platforms with their flowing robes. Do not be deceived. The world would like us to think we are fools for standing up for the 'cause of Christ' and giving up our time efforts and resources to build His kingdom. We know more.

Just like it seems to someone with no medical knowledge, insensible to cut someone open to help them feel better. So might it appear to someone unfamiliar with those things spiritual, to live commandments, to talk to an unseen being, and all the other things that firm believers do.

May we seek constantly after the wisdom of God, and allow Him to heal our hearts. (Which may include some surgeries...)

Friday, September 2, 2011

Cold Summers

Have you been cold recently?
It's summer for most people, but here in Fortuna, CA the summer highs are around 60 F. That makes for cold mornings.
What do you do when you are cold?


For most of us, we bundle up, and get near something warm. Whether a heater, a fire, or maybe an oven cooking chocolate chip cookies.

About 2 years ago, before I came on my mission, my life was pretty cold. It seemed that everything in my life was falling apart. My girlfriend dumped me, my twin got a girlfriend (which meant he stopped talking to me.) and everyone friends and family, seemed a little too busy to care what happened to me. During that time I was cold.

Throughout my life, I have had the source of warmth around me. I grew up knowing about Jesus Christ, going to church, and even participating in church activities. I have had 7 great siblings, helping me and keeping me on the right path and two wonderful parents, who would do everything for me. I had always been around other fires. As I was left alone, cold, forsaken, I shivered missing the warmth. As I gazed at my life, I realized what I was missing and what I needed.

This fire, is the Love of God. It is manifest as we accept it. It can grow just as a fire can, as we put more kindling, and logs etc. Building our relationship with our Heavenly Father is simple enough. As we grow in our Faith in Jesus Christ, Repent and change, are Baptized, and recieve the Holy Ghost more into our lives, then our fire burns brighter.

Are you cold?
Do you know anyone who is cold?