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Invite others to "Grow [their] Faith"

Mission Pics

What do missionaries do when they aren't teaching? 

Home sweet home!

It's been raining an aweful lot!

Wild Turkeys in our Mission Office parking lot.

Tennis in a suit on P-day.

Andy Roddick Here I come!

Me and Garrett, a street preformer in San Rafael.
A Transient, Humanist, and a great guy.

Was Christmas a good time? HEAVENS YES!

Find a glimpse of Eternal Life, and push toward it!
Dec. 1st 2010

Ahh. P-day Time to chill, write my family, and play some legit ultimate frisbee!

What incredible Joy we feel as those we love accept the love of Christ!

As Missionaries, there is nothing we love more than our mailman! Thanks Jerry!

What a site to see! No, I'm not just talking about me...

The beautiful Oakland temple, where saints go to seal their families together forever!

Ha Ha, No longer are missionaries limited to 12 speed Bicycles!

This is my twin brother Zach, down in Ecuador. The work of saving souls is the same. The survival tactics a little different. 11/2

This one's not much, but I wanted to show the beauty of God, beside a "humble" servant.