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Sunday, March 25, 2012


This week I will be heading back to Santa Rosa, to witness Bob and Ada be sealed. This is one of the most sacred ordinances within our church. It promises that if a husband and wife obey their covenants, they can spend eternity together. Entire families are sealed, and it provides so much hope for the life after this and motivation to live well in this life, so that we can obtain these incredible blessings.

So I will have a chance to witness them complete their ordinances in the holy temple. As I prepare to return, I have a lot of similar feelings for when I returned home. I know I lacked a lot of blogs during that time. But I had great anticipation, to see those I love (specifically my family) and to be able to reunite with them. As I have talked to some people I grew to love in Santa Rosa, I have a lot of those same feelings.

This is how I think it will be as we return home to our Father in Heaven.

I can't wait for this weekend, and my reunion with some wonderful people. And ultimately, I can't wait until my reunion with my Father in Heaven and my brother and savior Jesus Christ.

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