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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Miracles come in many forms.

The other day, another missionary and I, had the great opportunity, of being an answer to prayer. We were walking down a street I wasn't planning on going down, and there was this lady in her car. The windows were unrolled, and she was looking impatient and upset. I'm not exactly seeing this as a teaching opportunity. But, as we were crossing next to her car, she told us to stop. Not waiting to be told twice, we crouch down, and listen to her pour out her soul, she was expressing how she wanted to be a good Christian, and she was trying to help her sister and her brother move, but that she was not appreciated, and that they "wouldn't even let her use their phone." And some other things I couldn't understand through the tears.

Trying to comfort and console her, we were impressed to read a couple scriptures with her. Who better to calm the troubled soul the our Lord through the Holy Ghost. We read her out of Ether 12 verse 27, which talks about overcoming weakness, she said "That is what I am trying to do." She recognized that she has a problem with her temper, and that she usually gets upset over little things, and that made her even more upset that she got upset about getting upset....a vicious cycle.

We then read a scripture in Alma Chapter 7 starting in verse 11, where it talks about our Savior's attonement. He not only suffered for our sins, and our pains, but our infirmities, our weaknesses, those things he also suffered for, and that we too can be made strong as we live our lives striving to be the best we can be, and then relying on the grace of Jesus Christ to do the rest.

She was comforted after that, and she thanked us we exchanged information, and parted our ways. It amazed me that a simple thing like getting upset at a move, would be an opportunity to share the gospel. Those opportunities are everywhere. They are there to strengthen our fellow bretheren, and they are there to bring the lost sheep into the fold. Look for the sheep caught in the thicket. When we release them and pull out their thorns, they will follow us to the good shepherd. Remember that throughout your day today.
Let the love of God abound in your life.

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