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Sunday, January 16, 2011

A Pencil With No Point

How many times in our lives, have we ended up with a pencil that looked like this?

When our pencils are like this we can't do anything.
No writing birthday cards...(which I owe to my sister), No writing poems,
No writing love notes, No sketching dinosaurs, No writing fairy tales, Nothing.

Does your life have a point?

Or is your point even a little dull? It's fine if it least it was fine. Now that you recognize that your life is moving in random circles and doesn't have a focus, pull out your sharpener, and get ready.

The first thing in 'sharpening' your life, is pulling out your 'sharpener' (like I just mentioned).  Next, is to put your life in the 'sharpener' as far as it will fit. Finally, turn your life around, until you have ridden yourself of the useless 'shavings' in your life.

These steps can be related to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We first have to excercise our faith in Jesus Christ, be willing to do anything that he asks of us. When we excercise our faith, we are picking up our 'sharpener'. Baptism is when we are immersed, promising to take upon us His name, and always remember Him, and strive to live faithful to His gospel. When we push ourselves into the 'sharpener', it's SCARY! But, it is what we need, and we just need to keep pushing forward! And finally last 2 principles go together, Repentance and Enduring to the End. We need to keep our 'pencil' 'sharpened', It won't always remain as 'sharp' as it was right after the first 'sharpening', but we are guarenteed that everytime we repent, we have forgiveness. We will not be 'dull'. And then we just have to keep 'sharpening', and 'writing', until we are tiny little 'pencil nubs'.

Then we will know we have truly fulfilled our purpose. We will have peace, knowing we did what our creater made us for. And then we will hear at the great pearly gates, "Well done, thou good and faithful servant: thou hast been faithful over a few things, I will make thee ruler over many things: enter thou into the joy of thy lord." Matthew 25:21

There is no greater joy than that of the gospel. Doubt me? Try it out!

Additional sources to learn more about the purpose of life: Book of Mormon Bible


Elder David Mahrt said...

Great analogy. We all should sharpen our pencils a bit, our handwriting wouldnt be as sloppy if we all had our pencils to a fine point.

Elder Brian Menasco said...

Imagine the amazing picture Christ would draw for us if we allow him to be the artist of our life!