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Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Road to Glory

Have you ever ridden a Public Bus?

If you haven't, I highly reccomend it.
It makes your life just a tad bit more interesting. Whether you sit by a man who lectures you about aliens, or you switch seats, because the person behind you is trying to feel your hair, you pay the same price to get on. While you are on the bus, it is your decision where you pull the cord, where you get off, and how much you enjoy the ride.

I would submit to you that life is a bus ride. Each of us has paid a price to be here in this life. Whether your price was to be given a body that is not fully functional, have natural temptations that are extremely hard to contain, whatever your price, you are here.

Now some people's seats are more cushiony than others. Whether they have a strong family, doing well economically, and are blessed to be in countries that allow us to excercise our agency. Whatever seat you are in whether plushy, or springs are poking out, we are all trying to get to the same destination.

There is the stop in Zion; the perfect place which is reserved for as many as will complete the bus ride. There awaiting us, our family who have made the journey in the past, our Heavenly Father who built the stop for us, and our Savior Jesus Christ, who paid our bus fare.

The Journey is long and grueling. It twists over many mountains, causing many passengers to be sick, and leave the bus. At other times, the bus goes through deserts, forcing great heat upon the passengers, and some get out in hopes of finding relief. Fortunately, our Heavenly Father, and Jesus Christ, have provided us handbooks of instruction so that we will know where to get water when it's grueling (there's a minifridge in the back) and where we can get Dramamine, so the curves of the road don't impact us as much.

We are also given suggestions on how we can best endure the ride, how we can make our seats better, and how we can help the other passengers, so more of us can make it to the Bus Stop.

I hope you can see the relation of this metaphor to your life. The road is hard for many, but if you give them the hope of a final destination, even those who have gotten off the bus, can get back on the Road to Glory!

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