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Friday, November 19, 2010

I got an E-mail...

Baptized: December 27th 2008
Located: Bogalusa, Louisiana
Age: 45 Years Old 
Marcus Riley's Road to Baptism
Marcus Testimony Before Baptism: Dear Elder Tagg I am in a very good mood today. I had a very wonderful talk, and interview with the Missionary President this Morning which is Sunday December 21 2008. I am so very happy that I want to go and shout it from the mountain top of glory and clavery cross where Jesus Christ die for my sins.  Now the time is nearing for me to go down in a waterly grave and come up with a brand new body free from my sins of the past,
 I want to say thanks to all the missionaries at the call center, and missionaries here. In the present and the past missionaries that has help me along the way in getting ready to have a  brand new body and spirit. I will be going on a tour very soon with the Lord Jesus Christ. I will have a new start in life. I will get to learn more about the Heavenly Father and a place call heaven.  Because one day I well close my eyes in death and wake up in glory. And be home with the Heavenly Father for eteraly and be with all the saints of God and the Angels of Heavenly Host forever and ever. Elders I will be touring that city call glory. You know in this life you will learn and grow spiritual in the Lord. There will be hard time and troubles and trials. Then all you must do is go to the hiding place and is with lord along and begin to pray and seek the Lord and your answer will come on the way. Then you will be up on the mountain top just a little while and you must go back down into the valley and go through the troubles and trials of life again. Then you will learn grow in the spirit. Well I will be touring that city with my Lord really soon. And Angels in Heaven will be happy once again. For a child of God will be coming home to be with you all forever, and ever. So it is getting closer to that day for me to get baptize and I cannot wait until I go down in that waterly grave and come up with a new body. That will be on Saturday December.27.2008 at 2:00 my time and 1:00 your time.  I will always be very thankful to all of the missionaries. Because now you have a new brother in Christ very soon.

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Elder Victor Moxley said...

It was certainly inspiring to hear Brother Riley's story when I first came to the call center in March. It's a joy to have him as a brother in Christ. Keep up the good work Marcus!