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Friday, December 24, 2010


Birth heralded by angels, our Savior rose:

To become the first,
The first to fight death and win,
The first to live without sin.
The perfect Son,
The chosen One,
Chosen to lead, Chosen to find,
Chosen to bring those left behind,

Perfect faith for this Man,
Behold this the great 'I Am"
He brought comfort to widows,
Sight to the blind,
Strength to the lame,
And peace to the mind.

Our hearts are healed
As we touch his cloak,
He is the one,
The only source of Hope.

He lived for us, his beautiful life,
Though filled with sorrow, pain and strife,
He took our pain, our tears our sins
And bled them from his pores of skin.

He gave His precious miracle of life,
To save our souls, to save our lives
He was nailed to the cross,
Where He hung and He died
For us He lived, for us He died.

Advocate, Almighty, Alpha and Omega, Author of Life, Beginning and End, Bread of Life, Creator, Deliverer, Firstborn, Gate, God, Great Shepherd, High Priest, Holy and True, Immanuel, King Eternal, Lamb, Last Adam, Life, Light of the World, Lion, Mediator, Morning Star, Our Holiness, Our Protection, Our Peace, Precious, Rabbi, Rock, Savior, True, Teacher, The Way, The Word.

Remember Christ this holy season.
He is the one, the true reason.
For Joy, for Peace,
For Christmas Cheer,
So let us remember Him this year


kaylie jean. said...

Kelsey, Anna and I all loved this. What a beautiful poem. Can't wait to talk to you tomorrow.

Sister Brittany Nestman said...

Great poem! What an awesome message!