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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Gifts to Christ

I sent out a facebook invitation to all of my facebook friends inviting them as I invite you to "Strengthen your faith, commit to yourself, what you are going to do to become a better disciple of Jesus Christ. I know you will find more peace and happiness as you strive to do this. And that is what Christ wants for all of us. That is his "work and his glory". That is what he died on the cross for. So let us this day make that step of faith. When you do something, or if you are planning to do something, post it under "[this blog]" Let us see how we can change our worlds, as we bring us and our friends closer to God, and closer to our Savior."

So my friends...The comments are now yours.


Sister B. D. Gorder said...

Dis is crazy... some speakers spoke (in sacrament) on what they can give Jesus for christmas a couple weeks ago on sunday.. i have been hearing that alot lately and i never have heard of that before, or really thought of it. ive been thinking alot about it, and praying about it. i woke up the other morning and had an idea what i could give Jesus for Christmas>!
i already feel like im closer to my Savior because of this gift that im working for to give it to Him.
im so very grateful for my Savior and i love him very much so im excited to be able to give him a gift!

Alvaro said...

Since ive been in school I feel like I have grown very close to Jesus Christ. Just like Elder Hancock, I'm preparing to serve a mission this upcoming spring and I couldnt be happier. My life is blessed with so much. Family, Friends, The restored gospel, leaders, missionaries, love, and the list could go on and on. But I know this is all owed to our Savior. We can never forget him. It's almost Christmas, and I want to testify of his reality, of his atonement that he suffered for all of us individually, for his examples, for healing the sick, for getting baptized, for taking up the cross and thorns on his head for us, for being mocked and beat to hold the forsaken truth that he brought to this earth. He did it all for us. My gift to him is a very simple one, and it will be finishing my mission papers. Its the least I could do.

susan bunker said...

This Christmas I will give a Book of Mormon to someone in need of it's blessings. It has been one of the greatest gifts in my own life, I hope to help another soul feel of its truth and purity and testimony of our Savior Jesus Christ.

Karen said...

I've thought about this for awhile now, debating back and forth between if I was even going to comment. For people who know me, which is not most of you, this is quite common for me (the debating part). The gift I would give Jesus is me. Let me be completely clear; in and of myself, I am not such an awesome gift. However, a life surrendered to Jesus. Now that is a powerful thing. That is what I'm hoping to give him - my willingness to be His hands and feet in this world full of pain. To turn my will over to Him so that I follow where He leads.