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Monday, April 4, 2011

Field Runners

Alright, so who of you have run through a field? ........Alright I can't see any hands so either no one has ever run through a field, or I am asking a question generally in hopes that someone will read it.

So moving on from that question...When you run in that field, remember those things that get stuck in your socks? Those are burrs. These burrs are carried about with us, sometimes knowingly, sometimes not. We can carry them around with us for miles, or we can carry them a few feet before ridding ourselves of them.

As they cling to the loose threads of our socks, they are actually doing this for survival purposes, they are seeds from a plant, and they are using you to plant them in an additional location from their mother plant. Ending up with the trails littered with plants that will make these burrs, which continue to produce burrs that stick to your socks and are led to an additional location than the mother plant. Ending up with the trails littered with plants that make... I think you get my point.

So what are the burrs in life? What spurious thing likes to hook itself onto unsuspecting people and allow them to carry it to others around them, and spread their infectious influence as wide as they possibly can?

I can think of a couple...

Selfishness, Laziness, Negativity, Rebelliousness, Anger, Deciet, just to name a few.

So how are we to pluck from us the burrs of life and move forward in our personal progress, as well as helping others, instead of spreading burrs?

1. See the Burr. Recognizing the burr is often a huge part of fixing the problem. So pay attention to how you act during the day, and seek to remove any negative things. Ask others what you can do to be a better person...see what they say. And probably most important Ask Heavenly Father to help you find the burrs that you should pluck, and ask for His help.
2. Pluck it out. Probably one of the harder steps, but slowly making changes in your life to rid yourself of these burrs will help you to feel greater peace, and it will help make the 'Hike' a lot easier...if you get my drift. Prayer is an important part of this one as well. Be praying to help you have the strength to change certain things, and then push with faith that God WILL help you...Because He WILL!

Alright now take preventative efforts, tuck your pants in your shoes, get some hiking boots, and enjoy your hike. If you want to know what the tucking pants in your shoes, and hiking boots are in the real life sense, Go to if you still aren't getting it, shoot me a message on Facebook... Elder Nathan Hancock

1 comment:

Sister B. D. Gorder said...

Pretty much amazing! I was wondering where you were going with this? haha jk.
If we are not constantly looking for those burrs there is SO much more we have to pluck out and that can even be harder.
I know the gospel of Jesus Christ can help us recognize those burrs before to many are added on. I know that we can make those changes we need to with the gospel.