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Friday, April 15, 2011

Post-it Notes

Have you ever forgotten something really important, only to realize, hours later, that you have missed a major event?

Well, if you don't have a Post-it Note ready, get one, because otherwise you will again miss a major event!

"What on earth could that major event be?"
"This kid who's writing doesn't even know me."
"I think this writer is losing his marbles...maybe he should write that on a sticky note..."

Calm down your excitement people, I will reveal the event!

Right now... for an unlimited time
"The absolute Supreme Being,
 The most all-knowing, all-seeing, all-powerful personage,
Encourages you and me, as insignificant as we are, to converse with Him as our Father.
It matters not our circumstance, be we humble or arrogant, poor or rich, free or enslaved, learned or Ignorant, loved or forsaken, we can address Him.
We need no appointment. Our supplication can be brief or can occupy all the time needed.
It can be an extended expression of love and gratitude or an urgent plea for help.
He has created numberless cosmos and populated them with worlds, yet you and I can talk with Him personally, and He will ever answer."

So back to that Post-it note...

Write on it "Did you think to pray?" place it on your door, or your mirror,
somewhere where you can see it frequently.

Why would I want you to do this?
Many blessings come from prayer, I know how much it has helped me.

And Remember, "Did you think to pray?"


Sister Brittany Nestman said...

Post-its are life savers!

Sister Brook Kenemore said...

I dont know where i would be without post-its & of course prayer! both very amazing things! thanks for the reminder Elder Hancock!